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Livia angers the Minamoto spirit in the Jade Tomb, and it rises in a flurry of blades. The others in the party watch as Livia is painfully torn apart by the Elder Spirit, her screams echoing in the tomb that would mark her end. It’s rage satiated, the spirit dissipates, and the tomb returns to normal.

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The others decide not to anger the spirit again, and quickly vacate the room. They decide to explore the untouched northern section of the tomb, eager to complete their quest and painfully aware of their quickly dwindling party. Hodar and Livia were both dead, and Ovaerue and Maurrir were both badly injured. With this in mind they pressed ahead, determined to finish their job quickly to avoid further casualties.

Cursory explanation yielded a quick fight with more undead as well as a mysterious antechamber filled with iron bound chests. Warily the companions examine the strongboxes and attempt to open them. Finding them locked, Thea resorts to less refined means to open the chests to access the goods within. In the chests the party finds a formal Kyonmu robe, mysterious clothes that muffle noise, and several flasks of mysterious liquid. Resolving to discern the liquids effects later, the party moves on, examining the gate that stands in the main northern tomb.

Realising they need to the skull of the Tomb Guardian to open the massive gate, the group hastens back to do battle with Hodar’s killer once more. After a short but tense battle, the Tomb Guardian finds them worthy, and relinquishes his skull to them. Thus the group enters the final area of the burial ground, ready to face whomever or whatever was raising the dead within.

But they arrive too late. A man dressed in black mocks them before escaping through a swirling portal, leaving behind a powerful Wight in his wake. The party subdues the creature after a difficult battle that leaves the combatants jarred.

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It is in the aftermath of the battle that Thea picks up the mace wielded by the Wight. It is in this moment that she is bound to Bakumono, the Mace of Undying Hatred, and it to her.

Their mission complete, the group exits the tomb to find Elders Minamoto and Akomu waiting for them. After a brief report, Elder Minamoto leaves the group in the hands of Elder Akomu, who bids Talin follow him to his tent. There he asks that Talin try and locate the man who is desecrating the sacred burial grounds of his people. Talin promises to do what he can and the group departs from the Kyonmu tribe to rest and heal their injuries.

In the bright light of morning the company is hailed by a caravan of merchants, lead by an incredibly eccentric and mysterious individual swathed in robes black as midnight, but embroidered with gleaming gold. His hands glittering with crystals, he offers his extensive wares to the party. Dubious of the man and his intentions, the group buys a few odds and ends for supplies, but declines his offer to trade their souls for far more valuable materials. It is here that the company meets Cassius Greywar, who had been traveling in the service of this mysterious merchant.

Questioning Ovaerue, Cassius eventually learns of Hodar’s fate through Thea and Talin. His search ended, he offers to join the company for a time, in order to fulfill the other tasks of his quest. And so four become five again. Meanwhile Maurrir, seduced by the merchant’s offer of power in the form of a stronger crystal, trades his soul for a crimson crystal, red as blood and gleaming with an inner fire.

Intrigued by the merchant and his strange abilities and demeanour, Talin probes the merchant’s mind and finds himself sucked into his very consciousness. Thus it is revealed to him that the merchant is in fact a venerable Immortal, Carandrodhim. The Immortal reveals much in its knowledge of both Talin and his master, Shaedachfin. In addition, it also awakens Talin’s blade, Greythorne. Much to the surprise of his companions, Talin appears to vanish in the process, and even now he holds audience with the Immortal upon his own personal Plane, The Manse of the Endless Sea.


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