Last time, Jan 12 - The Dragon's College

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In the last session, the Dragon’s College of Zailan put out criers to spread word that an important delegate was to depart to the Kyonmu tribe to negotiate with them. All interested were offered pay to help escort this delegate safely to the neutral floors to conduct negotiations. This was done unbeknownst to Talin Weyland, the unwilling delegate, who sent all applicants away in a fury. However, Hodor Clegane was not to be denied. Obstinately chasing after the Aasimar, the two agreed to meet in the Dagor Crystal to discuss a potential arrangement to be made between them.

Meanwhile, as Hodor leaves the College, Thea and Maurrir perform an investigation of Talin’s room as he meets with Horatio. The meeting with the master wizard creates more questions than answers, and he sends Talin away with a telport crystal and the news that he must leave immediately, as the Kyonmu’s situation has gotten worse. Talin meets Thea and Maurrir and agrees to hire them. In the meantime, Livia was off spying around the College, hoping to glean information or perhaps even better, stolen goods. A chance (or perhaps not) meeting with a master wizard from a day ago results in Livia’s cursing, rendering her unable to tell a direct lie. However, a condition is raised: the master wizard will lift the curse if she accompanies Talin on his travels and returns. Amused at Livia’s situation, Talin allows her to accompany him.

During these occurences, Hodor acquires the services of Ovaerue, who begrudgingly agrees to work for him given the scarcity of jobs around Zephyr at the time. The stage is set for these adventurers to meet at the Dagor Crystal at daybreak for their journey to the Kyonmu Tribe. What challenges await them there?


I need an update for the session with the untimely death of Hodor in it QAQ

Eruantien Eruantien

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