Last time, Jan 19 - The Kyonmu Tribe

Al kyonmu

The party gathers at the Dragon’s College, prepared to embark on their quest. A crystal provided by one of the Masters teleports them…straight into the camp of Kyonmu. Danger rears its head as the party is immediately beset upon by the tribe’s warriors, demanding an explanation and threatening death.

The situation is luckily defused by the tribe’s chief elder, Akimoto Minamoto, of the Minamoto clan. He bids Talin walk with him, to discuss the matters of his sending. In addition he also speaks with Hodar – while his delivery would result in payment, his clan’s greater need – that of the Kyonmu Twilit Wolf mercenaries – was to be denied due to his behavior.

Before long, Talin is informed that the head of the Akomu tribe desires an audience with him. He responds reluctantly, with the party trailing after him in curiosity and confusion. It is there in the Akomu elder’s tent that their objective’s location – the nearby Akomu burial ground – is revealed. With their goal in sight, the party prepares to investigate…


Eruantien Eruantien

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