Last time, Jan 25th - The Passing of Hodar

Al hodar

The party enters one of the Kyonmu burial grounds, where the dead have been reported to be rising as of late. Hodar serves as the vanguard, moving confidently through the tomb. He rouses in the first room a group of ancient skeletons which, though weathered in age, have lost none of the deadly skills they possessed in life. Ambushed, Hodar suffers a deadly blow as the group scrambles to face their foes. Everyone sustains injuries in the chaos of the fight, but they eventually emerge victorious, though worse for wear.

From then on, the group treads warily, not daring to risk another fight, yet apprehensive that more deadly foes lie in wait ahead. Exploration of the tomb leads to the room of the sacred guardian, it’s walls and floors lined with a mysterious crystalline ore. There Livia unwittingly awakens the Guardian, who demands to know why they have come. Attempts at diplomacy fail and the Guardian would not be swayed. The Guardian demanded single combat to determine the truth, something none in the group relished, though few understood its tongue of ancient Kyonmu, based upon the language of dragons. Ever mischievous, Livia quickly offers up Hodar to be their champion. And so the challenge was made and accepted. Hodar was launched into deadly combat with the Guardian. Axe met sword and a deadly battle ensued in the tomb of the Guardian, but victory eluded Hodar. The Guardian’s overwhelming skill with the sword overcame him and he was struck down. So came the end of Hodar Clegene, once dwarf-prince of the clans below. Of his body his companions burned in that tomb, leaving his ashes where they lay.

Though some in the group were shaken by Hodar’s death, they pressed on, determined to fulfill their errand. In one of the tombs, Thea found for herself one of the legendary Kyonmu folding blades, still shining bright as daylight in the dark recesses of the tomb. The others helped themselves to the gems, much to Talin’s disapproval. Further exploration revealed a hidden passage, leading to a large room covered in jade. In it lay buried one of the revered elders of the Minamoto tribe, his tomb bound with powerful wards generated by the strange magic-like force utilized by the Kyonmu. The group tread warily, but Livia proved to be their undoing. Tampering with the sacred burial chests, she awakened the spirit of the elder, who now stands in judgement of them. What misfortunes will its wrath bring upon the party?


Eruantien Eruantien

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