A sentient blackblade which belonged once to an Immortals who dwelt in the upper levels. It has since chosen a new owner - though not without a fight or consequences for the one who holds it now.

weapon (melee)

Belonging, before, to the Immortal who acted as Talin’s Master, Greythrone chosen a new owner. The blade made a choice to change hands, and caused a disruption between the Apprentice and Master – ultimately resulting in Talin’s magic being sealed away.

The blade is strong in its own right, but feeds off of the person bound to it as well. Because of this, the blade ‘levels up’ as Talin does.

Greythorne processes the ability to speak with its master as well as to appear in a ‘human’ form through dreams and the sub-conscious. Greythorne’s appearance changes as his level does. Greythrone is a crafty creature, and gives very little of its own goal away except when it has to. The reason it switched masters is still unknown to Talin and the Immortal alike. Neither knew what the blade really wants…


Int: 11
Wis/Cha: 9

Alertness (Ex)
Blackblade Strike (SP)
Telepathy – common & celestial (SU)
Unbreakable (Ex)

Ench Bonus: +1 AP – 1/3 lvl +4

The blade also possesses the ability to disrupt the spells, if only momentarily, of whomever it is attacking. Talin believes that some connection to the blade is the cause of his own bound magic.


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