Sword of the White Star

weapon (melee)

Nimegilelen is the first of the Kyonmu folding blades. At first glance, it appears to be a black bar of unknown metal with a pointed tip. But when the hidden switch is triggered on the hilt, the tip springs outward, forming five prongs in a pentagon pattern to serve as the hand guard and blade lock. The blade then releases, springing from inside the hilt. The second half of the blade then folds out from the first half, forming a long single-edged black blade. The blade glows faintly when drawn, surrounded in an aura of power.


Sacred sword of the Kyonmu people, it has been in the safekeeping of their tribe for generations, tracing back to the old ages. First of the traditional Kyonmu folding-blades, its secrets were taught to the Kyonmu people by the immortal forgeman, Draugnim, whom the Kyonmu people worshipped long ago. Since the time of its forging, the Kyonmu have crafted such blades, but none have equal to Nimegilelen. Said to be forged with the white-hot metal smelted from a star, it is sharper than vorpal and stronger than adamantium, and its blade was white as new-fallen snow. Nimegilelen was said to have been wielded by the Kyonmu champion Akio to slay the dragon Mordagnir on floor 35, in the times of old. Since then the sword has been stained black by its blood, and hums with the dragon’s essence. Now it is lifted to use but little, save in the ceremonies that welcome Kyonmu into adulthood.


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