Last Time, Feb 1st - By Sword and Mace

Al kyonmu2

Al kyonmu2 3

Livia angers the Minamoto spirit in the Jade Tomb, and it rises in a flurry of blades. The others in the party watch as Livia is painfully torn apart by the Elder Spirit, her screams echoing in the tomb that would mark her end. It’s rage satiated, the spirit dissipates, and the tomb returns to normal.

Last time, Jan 25th - The Passing of Hodar

Al hodar

The party enters one of the Kyonmu burial grounds, where the dead have been reported to be rising as of late. Hodar serves as the vanguard, moving confidently through the tomb. He rouses in the first room a group of ancient skeletons which, though weathered in age, have lost none of the deadly skills they possessed in life. Ambushed, Hodar suffers a deadly blow as the group scrambles to face their foes. Everyone sustains injuries in the chaos of the fight, but they eventually emerge victorious, though worse for wear.

Last time, Jan 19 - The Kyonmu Tribe

Al kyonmu

The party gathers at the Dragon’s College, prepared to embark on their quest. A crystal provided by one of the Masters teleports them…straight into the camp of Kyonmu. Danger rears its head as the party is immediately beset upon by the tribe’s warriors, demanding an explanation and threatening death.

Last time, Jan 12 - The Dragon's College

Al dragons c

In the last session, the Dragon’s College of Zailan put out criers to spread word that an important delegate was to depart to the Kyonmu tribe to negotiate with them. All interested were offered pay to help escort this delegate safely to the neutral floors to conduct negotiations. This was done unbeknownst to Talin Weyland, the unwilling delegate, who sent all applicants away in a fury. However, Hodor Clegane was not to be denied. Obstinately chasing after the Aasimar, the two agreed to meet in the Dagor Crystal to discuss a potential arrangement to be made between them.


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