Mace of Undying Hatred

weapon (melee)

One-handed, Masterwork Bound Mace 2/1
Damage: 1d12

Must consume an object or person of value/worth to the user to be drawn in battle and used. This ritual must be done once per day that Bakumono is drawn.

Bakumono is a jealous weapon and will not allow its user to wield any other weapon. As its user grows in power, so does the Mace.


Passed through hands throughout history, Bakumono’s path is that of one stained by blood. Wielded by warlords and wandering warriors alike, Bakumono found its way to Odo Akomu, Warlord of the Unconquered Sun and Moon. With it he carved a path of victory in ancient times for the Kyonmu, and it was eventually buried with him in one of the Kyonmu burial grounds. Found by Thea, it is now hers to wield.


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