Civilizations of Dragonell

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The State of the World

In Ages Past…

In ages long ago, the humanoid races roamed the floors of Dragonell in tribes. Slowly over time the many tribes became few, but their numbers swelled as the dominant tribes consolidated their power. However, old rivalries soon turned into alliance, as the tribes realized that cooperation would gain them far more than war. It would gain them a permanent home, permanent places to live and thrive.

And so it was that the tribes gradually over the span of many years, cleared away the dangers of forty floors for their people. And there they settled, creating civilization where once there was none, peace where there was once the nomadic, guarded life, unity where there was once division, and a secure future where there was once uncertainty. And so it came to pass that the four nations were founded and the modern age came to be.

The Great Tribes: From ages of old to modern times

The Veracians to Veraphesh: Strength in unity


The Veracians were a tribe consisting typically of humans and elves. They drew together many tribes in the old ages, growing to be the largest confederation to roam the floors of Dragonell. As the ages went by and the world moved into the modern age, the Veracians became the Veraphesh and they occupy the most space, with their nation stretching from floors 1-20.

The Veraphesh engage much in trade with the other races. It is the lifeline country of the civilizations of Dragonell, since their large population and large occupation of land lead to the development of much farmland. They are the breadbasket of Dragonell, with many of their floors rich with plenty. As such they are a wealthy country, but they would not hesitate to spend their vast wealth on the other countries should a time of need arise. They were also the ones that forged the great roads that lead through the civilized floors.

The Tynrys to Tenris: The spearhead


The Tynrys are legendary for their martial prowess, with their tribes being the spear that pierced the floors in the old ages. They are composed entirely of dragonborn, hardy and strong. They depended much on the other tribes, especially the Veracians, for trade in goods that they could not craft, namely food and other amenities. As the modern age came, the Tynrys became the Tenris and occupy floors 25-30.

The Tenris now occupy heavily fortified cities on their floors. They are also responsible for guarding the outposts that serve as the gates that lead up and down to other floors of Dragonell. The Tenrisian Dragoons are some of the most powerful soldiers of the civilizations, and their charge is often heralded by a fierce shaking of the earth. Predictably, Tenrisian life is regimented in the military style, with every citizen trained and armed.

The Zailanaren to Zailan: From the hunt to the craft

Zephyr zailan

In the old age the Zailanaren were great hunters, prowling the floors in their tribes as they lived their nomadic lives. They were often the scouts and message runners in the tribes’ united efforts to clear the floors. With the coming of the modern age the Zailanaren have become the Zailan, and they reside on floors 30-35.

The Zailan have taken to a more artisan life, crafting a great many wonders for the other countries upon request. Their tradition of hunting has not been forgotten however – many of their works are great bows of wood and metal. Many colleges of magic have also sprung up in the cities of Zailan, for their great crafters have shown to be quite proficient at refining and working the crystal that arrives from floor 50. Dwarves, elves, and men typically reside in Zailan.

The T’ian K’aishek: The Riders


The T’ian K’aishek were the master riders, the most actively nomadic tribes of the old age. Yet their mastery was not of horses, but of great lizard beasts that roamed the floors they inhabited. Their constant roaming was of great aid in the clearing of the floors, for they knew those areas well. In the modern age that came, they continued their nomadic lifestyle, keeping instead outposts and one large, solitary city in the center of their territory. They roam floors 35-40, following the herds of cattle and other animals that they breed. They have kept their old tribal name.

Those that remained: Tribes in the modern age

There are few tribes left in the world that did not assimilate with one of the great tribes, but there are still some that roam the floors of Dragonell, keeping to their ways and traditions. They roam all floors, but typically keep to floors 21-24, which are uninhabited by the major countries, and instead are marked by an outpost or neutral trading town here or there.

The Kyonmu: Honor in tradition


The Kyonmu are a roving tribe devoted to the way of battle. They are legendary in their own right for their martial prowess and traditions, devoted swordmasters with their own code of honor. They disdain magic and banish those of their tribe that use it. Those born to their tribe with the innate talent to cast magic without a focus are taken as signs of a bad omen, and are usually banished once they reach adulthood. They are denied all rights belonging to the people of the tribe, like a name upon adulthood, the traditional blade that is forged in a special ceremony, and other traditions. Once banished, they are struck from the tribe records, though they are remembered, as the tribe does not welcome back those they send away. The Kyonmu are slow to trust and swift to vengeance on those that wrong them. They do not forgive and they do not forget. The Kyonmu contain all the common races and while they usually do not welcome strangers into their midst, it is not an impossible occurrence.

The Caradrim: Those that remember


The Caradrim can trace their lineage to the very beginnings of the tribes in Dragonell, when their records begin. Adventurous and loathe to be settled, even in a semi-permanent way reminiscent of the T’ian K’aishek, the Caradrim wander the world, seeing, documenting, informing the countries of their discoveries. Danger has no meaning – no floor is too far and no place is too intimidating – the Caradrim will see it and write on it if they can. They have long been the roving record-keepers of the ages, an odd tribe of traveling scholars and thinkers. However, they do have a permanent city/outpost of sorts in the neutral floors, on floor 22, where they store their collected information and history. The Library of the Caradrim is renowned, and all scholars will visit at least once to study there. The true lineage of the Caradrim is composed of halflings, though others of the common races have joined the tribe, usually those hungry for adventure or in search of knowledge.

Civilizations of Dragonell

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