Deities of the World


There are no deities in Dragonell, though some immortals in ages past posed as such to the more primitive tribes of the time. Even now some wander the floors, bearing enough magical power to seem like gods to some of the civilized people.


The immortals were always there. Since the beginning when man walked Dragonell, there have some who have walked it forever. Blending in amongst the humanoid races, no one knows from where or how the immortals came. In ancient times their power allowed them to pose as gods. Some still do so today, though many have offered their knowledge in universities of the countries. Studies done by scholars have been unable to discern how or why the immortals came to be.

It is known however, that Immortals have what appear to be a limitless amount of magical energy, to the point where they can bend magical power to their needs without a crystal focus. How this phenomena came to be is unknown, but one thing scholars cautiously assert is that the magical energies of the Tower itself have a hand in the development of Immortals.

Immortals cannot be killed, or so it is thought. Certainly the effects of age do nothing, and many humanoid immortals can utilize magic to change their appearance at will. However, many decide to settle upon one appearance and age, some deigning to look as if they had never aged a day past twenty. However, Immortals also seem immune to blade and magical attack, as they “die”, they are simply reconstituted either where they were felled or inside their Manse, should they have one. It is whispered that somewhere in the Tower lies a creature or humanoid called “The Emperor that Shatters Eternity”, who possesses the secret to destroying Immortals. As one can imagine, the location of the Emperor is a closely guarded secret. But guarded by whom or what, no one can say.

The Emperor that Shatters Eternity

Legends whisper of a being named the Emperor that Shatters Eternity, a strange entity that can slay Immortals and cut short their lives.

The Emperor that Shatters Eternity, as legends tell, is the thing from which all things came and some say the Emperor created the Tower itself. As fate would have it, the story is far more complicated.

In ages long ago, so long that only some Immortals remember, the races of the world were young and the Tower was but a dream. The lands were rich and bountiful, and thrived as the races explored their boundaries. But it was not to last. For, as this golden age, so to speak, went on, then came the Emperor that Shatters Eternity.

The origin of the Emperor is unknown. Some say it is the hubris of Immortals that created the Emperor, some say it was the developing strife amongst the races. But the oldest Immortals know the truth: the Emperor was there all along, slumbering deep in the farthest reaches of the Natural Plane. Deep within the bowels of the Natural Plane lay deep veins of crystal, the very same crystals that litter the Tower today. Along with those crystals lay the Emperor, whose true origins are perhaps unknown. But one thing was for certain: the Emperor was awakening. And its coming was destruction, as it uprooted the Natural World and upset the fulcrum of the Planes.

The Emperor’s awakening threw the Natural Plane into chaos. Nothing could stand in the way of its path of destruction. No one knew what its aim was or why it awoke, but all knew that to leave the Emperor unmolested would be to consign the entirety of the Planes to damnation. And so the only ones who could stand in the way did: the Immortals.

Though few in number, the Immortals knew that their powers and knowledge were the only things that could possibly stop the Emperor. Yet even the Immortals were vulnerable: the Emperor could slay Immortals as easily as it had laid waste to the mortal races. Even then, the Immortals discovered that the Emperor, though fearsome, could be injured, hopefully slain, by the magic they wielded. The Immortals rallied and the young mortal races gathered underneath their banner. Armed with weapons created from Immortal forges, the long and terrible war against the Emperor began.

To the horror of the Immortals and their mortal armies, the Emperor too had massed forces under its command. Its awakening also brought the magical crystals to the surface of the Natural Plane, which it used to create thralls under its command. The casualties to crystal miasma were unending, but the Immortals and their forces pressed on, determined to end the threat of the Emperor.

The sacrifices were great and the losses many, but at long last a group of Immortals managed to break through the Emperor’s armies and defeat it, sending it into a slumber. They created a unique plane – technically the first Manse – and sealed the slumbering Emperor away. But the world was changed. Much devastation had been wrought to the land, and dangerous crystals corroded the land as well. So the Immortals pooled their power and also drew on the power of the slumbering Emperor to create the Tower of Dragonell, basing it as the new fulcrum for the Planes. In it was poured all that was left of the Natural World, all that was good and whole and uncorrupted. Yet they could not keep the crystals away. So they sealed the crystals on a floor of the Tower, away from the young races of the world. And so the danger of the Emperor that Shatters Eternity was abated and a new world was made.

Or so they thought.

Deities of the World

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