Magic in Dragonell

The Magic in the World

Magic amongst humanoid races

Every humanoid race has in them innate magical power. However, the levels are typically quite low, not nearly enough to channel it to cast spells or perform deeds of magic. Instead, it must be harnessed and directed by the power of crystals. This practice has been refined throughout the ages, to the point now where crystal foci can be used to perform magic. Crystals have even been infused with certain types of magic to be used at a moment’s notice.

There are some however, every so often, that possess the power necessary to cast magic without any aid whatsoever. These were the shamans, prophets, legends, and witch doctors of old. Now they are teachers, scholars, and hermits that walk the lands, trying to understand the way of magic in the world. There are even some that are rumoured to be immortal and they have often posed as gods among men, particularly in the old ages of the world.

Thus magic amongst the humanoid races is a difficult task, yet nonetheless, some have found ways to utilize it to make the everyday just a little bit easier. But magic is rare indeed.

Magic amongst creatures

Magic is inherent in the creatures of Dragonell, but few can channel it. The mundane creatures of the world use it but little, oftentimes not at all. However, on some floors wondrous creatures can be found, who are overfilling with magical energy. Some speak of elementals that roam floors of water, wind, and flame. Others whisper of dragons soaring the air, utilizing their power to deadly effect. Even in the floor of crystals, some see golems that take a life of their own, guarding their crystals with a jealous fury.

The Mechanics of the Crystal

An excerpt from a required reading, The Principles of the Arcane, for first years students at the Dragon’s College reads as follows:

“The explanation of how one is able to draw energy from a crystal is perhaps to the untrained, as complicated as the formation of the stone itself. However, for the sake of simplicity, a rudimentary explanation of crystal properties will be provided here. A crystal is only useful to a mage-to-be if refined, and is in fact quite dangerous when not. Studies have shown conclusively that should a humanoid creature handle unrefined crystals, over time crystal radiation sickness will infect and kill the bearer. As such, the invention of the refinement method.

Crystals are confirmed through numerous experiments to be a hyper-dense material, yet lightweight and easy to transport when cut to small sizes. Curiously, super heating the crystal makes it take on a malleable form, thus allowing artisans to easily shape the material via cutting. This results in the formed crystals used by mages and everyday folk alike. It is unknown if a crystal can be destroyed, as attempts to shatter or dissolve have proved fruitless. The only known way to ‘break’ a crystal is via the super heating method previously described.

While usage and theory will be the fundamental purpose of this volume, a brief description of the utilization will be provided here as an introduction. Simply possessing the crystal is of course not enough to perform feats of magic: the crystal is merely a focus. To perform any spell, one must first learn to attune with the inherent magical pool inside oneself: a reserve that was formerly believe to be the soul. Scholars have now determined that all humanoids possess this magical core; however, most humanoids do not have sufficient magical resonance to perform magic without first using a crystal to amplify and focus their reserve. Once this connection has been mastered, a wizard can cast spells at his leisure, provided he is using a crystal. Though magical pools are typically low, spells seem to only drain a small amount, likely because of crystal amplification."

Magic in Dragonell

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