Places of Note

The Dragon’s College of Zailan

The Dragon’s College is the premier magic academy in Zailan, where the finest minds gather to observe the effects of magic. There sits in the High Dragon’s chair atop the highest spire Imlarangodruin, immortal of the ages, old, it is rumoured, as the Tower itself. He has walked many paths and many roads, but now he heads the Dragon’s College, conducting research and teaching classes. It is there that new spells are created and the finest crystals are crafted by Zailan artisans. The Dragon’s College has a very good relationship with the Caradrim, so many scholars often move between the College and the Great Library. It is any fledgling magic user’s dream to study at the College. There the magic of portals was created, as well as research about the deadly crystal sickness. Research is always ongoing in the College, about the Tower, about magic, about almost anything one could wish for. Recently though, it’s attention has turned as of late to the issue of crystal sickness, and ways of preventing those that fall to it from succumbing to a slow, painful death. The Dragon’s College is located in Zephyr, the capital of Zailan.

The Library of the Caradrim

The Library of the Caradrim is a wonder of the Tower, a sprawling structure on floor 22 that sits in the very centre of the floor. Vast and maze-like, it is many things: a home, a font of knowledge, a place of rest, and a place of study. The Library welcomes all comers, to premier scholars to those who are simply curious about a small piece of lore hidden in an obscure book that the adventurous and scholarly Caradrim might have found. It is often said that if the knowledge you seek is not contained within the volumes upon volumes of books in the Library of the Caradrim, it is probably not worth knowing.

Places of Note

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